Kim’s been expecting this post

My friend Kim told me that she expects to be offended by my blog any day now, and that she’s ready for it. I’m not sure if this is because she knows how annoying¬†high-spirited she can be, or how bitchy I am. But such is the heartwarming state of our friendship.

Alas, this is not that post. I just wanted to freak her out a little bit in case she wakes up with vague, uneasy memories of yelling at me the whole drive home last night. Because I’m basically an evil person, and preying on the vulnerabilities of people who are still able to wear leather pants and get white girl wasted on grape vodka is one of my few vices these¬†days.

So I hope you had a good sleep Kim! I’ll be over shortly with a chainsaw, leaf blower and mickey of warm Jagermeister. Thought we could get an early start on some fall yard clean-up then maybe hit the mountains for a quick hike.