The Quarantine Diaries: Part 2

Thursday, April 26.

12:31 pm: “Babe. I’m not feeling great.”

1:11 pm: “I’m freezing!!”

1:34 pm: “Can you come get me?”


Andrew walked to work, dropping Sloane off at Gram Gram’s along the way so I could get some work done from home since I haven’t been to work since Tuesday. And then the texts started trickling in. Back at home on the couch, his temperature is still normal (eventually he gets a fever) but he doesn’t look normal, and he’s starting to point out what could, maybe, sorta, be little spots forming on his hand.


If you watched How I Met Your Mother, you might remember the episode where Lily and Marshall eat tainted soup 3 hours apart? When Lily gets sick from food poisoning first, Marshall can see 3 hours into his future…and it’s not pretty. Well Andrew can see a couple days ahead and it’s also not looking good.

Sure enough, on Friday morning there is no maybe about the spots. I try really hard (not very hard) to not pull disgusting faces when I look at them. He’s got it worse than Sloane, and in weirder places, like the back of his scalp and under his nose. He’s supposed to fly to Houston on Sunday for work, but that’s not happening any more. Although he goes through phases of denial and delusion where he thinks he can “meet up with them on Tuesday”.

Meanwhile, Sloane is starting to feel better and I am starting to feel like I have a very sore throat and woke up Friday feeling tired and nauseous. Probably doesn’t mean anything.


As it turns out, I never do come down with the HFMD, I just have some other random, sore throat, chest congestion-y, cold type thing. I join in the popsicle eating, cartoon watching marathon and my lovely friend Kristyn brings us rollerball thingies of essential oil blends to help with the spots and immunity. Sloane loves her “magic medicine’ which (big bonus) tickles when you roll it on.

In the end, Sloane took down two other kids from dayhome (including her bf Ben) and her Papa V – who wins (or loses) for the worst breakout.


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