It could totally happen.

I was reading an article about this crazy rash of fentanyl overdoses lately – a BC town experienced 9 overdoses in 20 minutes one evening earlier this month because people unknowingly bought fentanyl-laced cocaine. Anyways, one victim’s mom said, “you just never think this kind of thing will happen to your kid.”

To which I replied: REALLY?! REALLY!? (Please picture Seth and Amy’s Weekend Update delivery of this line, because I couldn’t get the freakin’ GIF To embed here)

Who are these moms who don’t think this kind of horrible stuff could happen to them / their kid?! I think EVERY kind of thing could happen. Every freak accident, every obscure disease, every unprecedented animal attack, every bizarre addiction, every atypical disorder, every unthinkable crime, every rare insect bite…

So yeah, I might be crazy. At least I have a highly developed sense of imagination. I can thank my mother for that. She never just vaguely worried that I would “get hurt”, she worried that I would come home alone, late at night…minus 30, biting north wind…I slip on ice and break my ankle…realize I don’t have my house key or cell phone….and freeze to death alone on my front walk. Thanks, ma. I can only hope that if Sloane inherits this worrying habit from her maternal side, she uses her powers to fuel creativity rather than intensely detailed bouts of paranoia.

2 thoughts on “It could totally happen.

  1. Really dear… don’t freeze to death on the front street where somebody MIGHT find you. It’s always on the back deck out of view because you went there thinking the back door might have been left unlocked! Hahahaha

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