Happy Blogiversary to me!

One whole year ago today, back when we were still calling the microscopic baby Perry, I posted my first blog entry.

There was a time, maybe a couple of months in, when I casually figured that I could easily get to 100 posts within a year. But I didn’t make it a goal. Then when Sloane was born and I saw where I was at, I recalibrated based on my track record of slackdom, and figured that I’d be more likely to hit 75 entries. But I didn’t make that a goal either. Which is actually a real shame because with a little focus I could have easily achieved that.

And so here I sit, in the dying hours of the Blogiversary, at an appropriately shameful 69 posts. Thinking about my blog in particular and goal setting in general. It’s something my husband is really good at — he chooses them well, writes them down, and ticks them off on the regular, both personally and professionally. This is obviously something I need to do as well or I spend the whole summer watching Big Brother and American Ninja Warrior. And okay, raising a baby who eats a thousand times a day, but still.

September has always felt like more of a “new year” than actual New Year to me, so it seems like a good time to breathe and reboot. I need to take some time to figure out what this will look like – should I post on a pre-set schedule? Or write a certain amount of minutes per day or week? Or just set a more realistic, long-term goal but leave the details more open-ended? As a stop-gap goal, I’m committing to 75 posts by Halloween, while I figure out how to best move forward. With other goals as well – because frankly, my motivation and energy levels have never been lower, so obviously something (or a number of things) has to give. The situation may be so dire that I will have to actually start exercising again. The horror.

For now, I’m tired. The baby is asleep. And American Ninja Warrior is on.

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