Baby & Body: 3 Month Update

First things first, can someone explain to me why one of the cats HAS to poo the second I sit down at this table (closest to the  litter box, natch)?

This update is going to be short and sweet. Not only on account of cat shit in the immediate vicinity, but also because as Sloane is about to turn 4 months old, I realize that I’m having a hard time remembering the time span between months 2 and 3. And what is coming to mind, I’m realizing actually happened between the three and (soon to be 4) month birthdays and I have to jot down notes for the next update.

There is a lesson here. And it is that not writing for over a month isn’t exactly working for me. But it’s been so busy lately…which brings us to the short and hazy updates.


There’s now a lot more proper “awake” time that requires engagement and interaction and a hell of a lot more effort and attention on my part than the “eat, poop, sleep, repeat” cycle that takes up the first 8 weeks or so. And there are far fewer of the marathon naps (which were sometimes 3 or 4 hours long) happening, meaning that finding the time to write these posts is becoming more and more difficult! She’s sleeping at this very moment…and this, the first nap of the day, seems to be the most important in terms of setting the tone for the rest of the day. If she has a quick, unsettled cat-nap now, she is likely to remain unsettled and be harder to put down for the rest of the day.

Sloane is still a champion eater and, as predicted, had gained a ton of weight by her vaccination appointment on July 14, weighing in at 14 lbs. Her measurements put her in the 85th percentile for weight, 95th for head size (!!!) and just the 50th for height. She is a compact but decidedly chunky little monkey. She found her voice this month, and babbling has become a chief activity. All sorts of syllabic noises and coos and squeals with ever-increasing variations  in pitch, volume and pattern: ga-ga-ga-ga-ooh-ooh-oooooh-wheeeee!!! (the latter vowels only heard by a border collie 5 blocks away).

She has been swimming at our neighbourhood outdoor pool a few times now and seems to enjoy it, we started with quick dips and have worked our way up to an hour or so of “in-water” time. I always try to take her out while she’s still having fun (or when she’s so relaxed she falls asleep in the water) so that the associations stay as positive as possible. It’s the child-rearing version of quitting while you’re ahead, which is pretty key to avoiding fussiness and over-tiredness. Also on that topic, we discovered that our 10 pm bedtime was no longer working so we moved it up to 9 pm and bam! Out like a light when she hits the bassinet once again. (It’s hard for me to even believe that is – or was – true right now, because we are currently in the midst of another sleep regression, but it WAS true and this is a story for the next monthly update).

Baby’s current favourite things include: trees (trees are endlessly entertaining and often elicit squeals of delight and arm flailing in the stroller), the “gear” on her swing (where it hinges) which she stares, smiles and laughs at like a maniac and my friend Kim’s boobs – which, to be fair, are quite impressive to say the least, and provoke the same rapturous joy as trees.


This is the month I got tired. Finally. Despite the fact that I am SUPER lucky to have a baby that sleeps through the night, I find that I am more tired now than I was in the early, more sleepless weeks. The adrenaline has finally worn off and I actually need (though rarely get) more daytime naps now.

On the upside, this was the month that breastfeeding went from a B to an A grade. It’s now pretty much effortless for the both of us, and my supply is still, um, abundant, let’s say. Every once in a while I forget to put pads in my bra and I am quickly soaked down to my belly button. The couple of times I’ve given her a bottle (mainly just to keep her in the habit) I actually felt like I was missing out on something…which was weird. It’s just not as cuddly and satisfying, in my opinion.

Body-wise, I believe I’ve sort of plateaued. Which is unsurprising since I’ve done absolutely jack shit about it–no workouts whatsoever besides daily walking (which I FIRMLY stand behind as a legitimate form of exercise) and splashing around in the pool with Sloane (which can hardly count but is a ton of fun). That said, I haven’t actually weighed myself in about 2 months. I’m actually considering giving that up on a permanent basis, because as long as I feel okay and my clothes fit, I’m not really sure I need to know. I’m yet to decide if this is a healthy or unhealthy attitude. I do know that one day I need (want) to get back to Pilates, but time has never been at a greater premium for me personally, and it is summer – the rarest of all phenomenon in this city…I’d rather be out strolling in the sun or sitting on a patio (between thunderstorms).



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