Down there.

At my 35 week check-up yesterday, the nurse reminded me that at my next visit I will be due for my Group B Streptococcus swab. It’s a routine screening for a common bacteria that about 25% of healthy, adult women are carriers of either vaginally and/or rectally– harmless to them, but potentially dangerous for a baby passing on by via the birth canal. If you test positive for it, you’ll receive UV antibiotics during delivery to protect the baby from infection. ANYWAYS. This is not the funny part of the story.

The funny part is that she softly says, “it’s just a quick swab around the skin down there and on your bottom.” Like she was talking to a child instead of somebody who is about to deliver one. Not that I’m a fan of using euphemisms for anatomy when speaking to kids either…but it’s a maternity clinic for christ sakes–we all know what a vagina is. And most likely a rectum too. If there is an appropriate time/place for a medical professional to use proper anatomical/medical terms, I’d think it’s here and now.

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