Advent Calendar: December 1


photo stolen from

I’ll be detouring from the cats/babies theme this month because, Christmas! There will still be kitty & pregnancy content – but I’m in love with my 2015 LookFantastic Advent Calendar and so it must be blogged. Plus, Kim asked me to, and I generally do what she says. It’s safer that way.

I heard about the calendar on one of my favourite blogs (Ruth Crilly’s ‘A Model Recommends‘). Her other blog, The Uphill houses all her pregnancy (and now, baby) content. For some reason, I’m quite into the British bloggers (Caroline Hirons, Lisa Eldridge...) Look Fantastic is a UK-based company and they put out this beautiful and massive (really, it’s 11″ W X 14″ L X 6″ D) box full of 25 beauty “minis”.  Much bigger than samples…but not quite full size (like the size of products they stock in the evil maze leading up to the cashier tills at Sephora that gets you every time you stand in line for more than 30 seconds).

Anyways, December 1st’s treat was:


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