The most pointless post ever: part two

Forgot all about finishing this one off, so I’m getting this in with just hours to spare.

Ring on a string. Let me tell you, Andrew was just thrilled about helping me out with this one, and didn’t at all act like it was the stupidest thing he’d ever heard of. Science is totally lost on him. So you tie your wedding ring on a string, lie down, and have someone dangle it above your belly. If it moves in a circle, it’s a girl, if it swings back and forth like a pendulum, it’s a boy. This was a back and forth swinger. Edge: Boy

Baking Soda & pee. For this one, you add some pee to a tablespoon or two of baking soda and see if it fizzes/foams. If the combination fizzes, like a soft drink that has been shaken up, then you are having a boy. If there is no reaction at all from the baking soda and pee cocktail, you’re having a girl.  Supposedly, the gender of the baby changes your hormones, which then changes the acid content of your pee. Well, this foamed….I wouldn’t say fizzed, and it wasn’t a reaction like when you add vinegar to baking soda or anything like that. But it sort of got a head on it like on a pint of draft beer. And just so everyone knows…I used disposable red solo cups for this fun little project – you don’t have to be afraid if I ever serve you a drink. Unless you have a problem with cups that cats have drank out of. Then you’re screwed. Edge: Boy

Drano & pee. I decided to scrap this one, and not just because I got a “please don’t pee into Drano” text from my mom. For this one, a colour change to green means a girl and if it stays blue, it’s a boy.  It just seems dumb. Drano is blue, pee is yellow and a combo of the two is going to be green. You learn that colour magic mixing Tempera paints in kindergarten.  If anything, as my friend Kate pointed out, this would be a hydration test – if you’re really well hydrated and your pee is almost clear, the Drano would stay blue. Either way, I can’t imagine the fumes from this experiment are too healthy (or pleasant) so, no thanks.

Final Tally: Boy finished strong but still came up short, with a final result of:

Boy: 3 Girl: 5

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