Rounding Second

It felt only fitting to trot out a baseball pun on this fine October day when the Blue Jays will be playing winning game 3 against the Royals.

Of course, I’m actually referring to moving into the second trimester, which begins at 13, 13.5 or 14 weeks, depending on what you read or who you ask. At any rate, I’m over 14 weeks now, so definitely into it. Woohoo! This is supposed to be the magical trimester when you feel good, look good (ha!) and the parasite is pretty firmly settled in for the long haul.

At the moment, it’s a weird no-man’s-land where the nausea, food aversions and extreme fatigue is gone, yet I don’t actually look or feel pregnant. It’s not that I’m dying to start showing (or shopping for maternity clothes) but it would be nice if my midsection looked more like it was storing a baby than a supersized quarter-pounder meal.

In many ways it’s actually like a weight has been lifted. I’m not angry about being awake at 10 pm any more, I can live without a daily nap and I don’t feel bone-crushing physical exhaustion from things like standing in the shower. I’m getting my patience back and I can get my head around the effort it takes to put on makeup. All good things for me and the people who have to be around me.

Last Friday I had my first appointment at the maternity clinic and I was pleasantly surprised by how positive of an experience it was. If you know me well, you know that I have very low expectations for society at large. Organizations are not well organized, businesses don’t do good business and a shocking number of people just don’t do their jobs very well. It’s a cynical outlook, but I’ve found that if you don’t double-check information, confirm details, take down the name of who you’ve dealt with and conscientiously advocate for yourself, things are bound to fuck up.

This clinic though, gave my faith in humanity a decent boost. It was super organized, everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and I left actually feeling good about the hands I am in. I was especially impressed with the thoroughness of topics covered by the doctor on duty – everything from how supportive the father of my parasite is and whether there is abuse of any kind, to stress and mental health issues, to how I feel about my body, sexuality and weight gain. These are topics my own family doctor never addressed to my satisfaction – even when I specifically saw her about things like anxiety and panic attacks.

With my prenatal care sorted out, it feels good to have one less thing to worry about. As a bonus, I got to hear Perry’s heartbeat for the first time with the Doppler stethoscope. 155 – a little bit faster than it was two weeks before. Now it’s only 4 more weeks until we get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

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