A clarification.

I realized after posting the preceding “One & done” post that it may have come across a bit judgy. It probably wasn’t the first and it surely won’t be the last post that will. I have been posting under the presumption of an unspoken disclaimer that goes something like: All content is the sole opinion of the author alone, based on her personal experiences and situation and is in no way reflective of her feelings about how other people should conduct their lives. But now it feels like maybe this should have been a spoken agreement. So now it is.

I’m not the population police, nor the baby buzzkill. If you want to have 5 kids in 5 years, go to town (although I can’t actually imagine you’ll have the time or energy to physically go to town or even leave your house if you’re on that kind of a schedule).

But seriously, I’m not judging you for having or wanting a second or tenth kid. I will however enthusiastically judge you for having ANY number of kids AND also:

  • Bitching non-stop on Facebook about how hectic/tiring/expensive your life is.
  • Not putting aside money for their post-secondary education.
  • Expecting your older kids to help you raise the younger ones (Duggar style).
  • Neglecting or abandoning your once beloved family pet(s).
  • Refusing to vaccinate.
  • Insisting on bringing your kids places they are not welcome (adults only weddings, black tie affairs, Las Vegas) because you can’t afford a sitter. Bonus judgment if you get huffy because these places don’t have kid-friendly amenities.
  • Flooding my newsfeed with 70 photos of the same 2 month old on the same day. (Tip: they all look the same)
  • Letting them run wild in restaurants and fancy stores.
  • Lecturing people without kids on their “empty, selfish, unfulfilling lives”

Did I just make things better or worse? I can never tell these days.

2 thoughts on “A clarification.

  1. Heard a vet being interviewed on the radio this morning, and I guess pet vaccinations are now suffering from same problems with achieving herd immunity as people vaccinations; lots of pet owners are opting out. That might constitute a double-whammy on this list!


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