Perry’s First Concert

‘Twas the Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend, and it was Slash. This is just one of many questionable early musical experiences this unwitting fetus’ mother has subjected it to. And given my tastes, I’m certain it won’t be the last. Sure, I enjoy lots of fairly benign artists as well…I dare you to ask me about my love of Paul Simon and Billy Joel. But my favourites do run strongly in the direction of old school punk, hip hop and hard rock. I’m not exactly a metal head but it’s not like I don’t have some Slayer, Clutch and Pantera in the rotation.

So there was Slash, and technically Perry’s first movie was Straight Outta Compton (although that was at the embryo stage) and then there was the epic pregnancy announcement to my coworkers last Thirsty Thursday. Which was a Weird Al style parody of R Kelly’s Ignition, written and performed by my boss Leah. It included such lines as, “it’s the remix to conception / hot and fresh out the oven / mama growin’ that baby / got every chick in here wishin’ / sippin’ on coke and rum / it’s like what have you done? / it’s a freakin’ fetus baby / they’re about to have them some fun”. It was pretty spectacular, to say the least.

At this stage, Perry can’t even hear these outside noises so I’m sure it won’t leave a lasting impression, but it got me thinking about later pregnancy. Apparently there is evidence that newborns and infants recognize their mother’s voice and melodies they heard in the womb and after birth may show a recognition of, or preference for, these sounds.

So does that mean that I will find myself soothing my baby with NWA? Or softly singing, “hush little baby, don’t say a word…and never mind that noise you heard, it’s just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head (cue drums and vigorous rocking) EXIT LIGHT, ENTER NIGHT…”

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