Not useless

In a previous post I may have indicated that my husband is “useless” right now. Surprisingly, he didn’t love that characterization. I maintain that it is my prerogative so long as I am manufacturing a human and he is drinking beer on the golf course. But let’s move on, shall we?

He has not actually been useless. He’s been an excellent dinner maker and cracker dealer. Carrying around baggies like any good dealer. And making dinner is an utterly thankless job right now when absolutely nothing sounds or tastes good and I proceed to gag over three bites of a delicious lamb chop feast like he’s feeding me three day old gruel. He even read a baby book on holiday, and argued about attending my first doctors appointment with me.

Him: I should go. The book says I have to go to ALL the appointments. I should go.

Me: I will literally just be peeing in a cup and standing on a scale. I can do both those things for you right here, and save you the trip.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t go, and the appointment was as boring as I predicted.

But – not useless. Hopefully he will still make me dinner tonight.

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